Intermittent Remote Wireless Entry Keyfob

Our friend stopped by with an intermittent keyfob. Here's how we fixed it.

  • Model The Keyfob
  • Symptoms
  • Intermittent Operation
  • Some Buttons Don't Respond
  • Procedure
  • Open keyfob with small blade screwdriver (snaps apart)
  • Check the battery clip for broken solder joints
  • These commonly break due to stress from replacing the battery and is one source of intermittent operation
  • Check the battery clip solder joints
  • This is what it should look like after resoldering
  • Keyfob
  • Next check for oxidized pc board contacts
  • These contacts on the back of the pc board are oxidized and cause poor contact with the rubber buttons
  • Keyfob Contacts
  • Clean them with your 2nd grader's Pink Pearl eraser
  • The top contact has been cleaned with the eraser. Do all of them.
  • Keyfob Contacts
  • Now check the battery terminal pc board pad. Clean it with the eraser.
  • Oxidized battery terminal
  • Battery Terminal
  • Clean battery terminal
  • Clean Battery Terminal
  • Next have a look at the rubber button contact surfaces
  • These ones look a little marginal so we reworked them
  • Keyfob Buttons
  • Keyfob
  • If they need rework there is a good product available for this purpose
  • CaiKote 44
  • Rubber Repair
  • Here's how they look after a recoat
  • Recoated, not completely dry yet
  • Button Recoat
  • This resulted in a repaired, reliable keyfob!

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