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Customer Reported Symptoms

Point Pleasant, NJJan '16

Oven does not heat up

Dallas, TXFeb '14

No bake

Okmulgee, OKFeb '14

The unit is not giving out enough heat. The temperature probe tested out fine.

Toms River, NJSep '13

Oven does not heat to desired temperature. It has been a gradual degradation. Oven does not go over 200 degrees even though the control panel says it has reached the temperature.

Gastonia, NCFeb '13

F1 error code

Have us refurbish your OVEN control WB27K5103

  • Reduce environmental refuse
  • Revive your broken appliance even if the control board is obsolete or no longer available (NLA)
  • Save money compared to buying new and get a longer warranty

A rebuild has guaranteed results

  • We warranty our workmanship for 2 years on all our repairs
  • Workorder includes a final test summary report and root cause analysis
  • Video demo of automated test


  • Repair Service
    $160  + return shipping ship it

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