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Customer Reported Symptoms

Breksville, OHOct '16

Bottom oven would start to preheat and then the unit would shut off. The top oven would head up, and then the f1 error.

Covina, CAJul '16

Oven sets for approx 30 seconds then shuts off. Intermittently heats 5 plus degrees then shuts off

Stanton, CAApr '16

Board needs rebuilt

Brentwood, NYNov '15

Oven won't come on at times

Houston, TXSep '13

Keypad is weak, lower and upper oven. Clean cycle causes door to lock and not open after completing.

Have us refurbish your OVEN control WB27K5047

  • Reduce environmental refuse
  • Revive your broken appliance even if the control board is obsolete or no longer available (NLA)
  • Save money compared to buying new and get a longer warranty

A rebuild has guaranteed results

  • We warranty our workmanship for 2 years on all our repairs
  • Workorder includes a final test summary report and root cause analysis
  • Video demo of automated test


  • Repair Service
    $160  + return shipping ship it

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