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Customer Reported Symptoms

Kalamazoo, MINov '16

Control panel beeps and displays f6e2 error message, very intermittent, sometimes goes for weeks without an outage, sometimes it will go out several times a day

Wichita Falls, TXOct '16

No display

Gilbert, AZOct '16

Blank display.

Corona, CAJan '16

Blank display. Cleaned electrical ribbon to board. Have 120 v to primary and 24 v on sec. Board turned back on and lasted for about 3 hours and then went blank. Could not get it to reset again

Have us refurbish your Oven | Built-in Oven | Stove control 4452890

  • Reduce environmental refuse
  • Revive your broken appliance even if the control board is obsolete or no longer available (NLA)
  • Save money compared to buying new and get a longer warranty

A rebuild has guaranteed results

  • We warranty our workmanship for 2 years on all our repairs
  • Workorder includes a final test summary report and root cause analysis
  • Video demo of automated test


  • Repair Service
    $150  + return shipping ship it

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